The toolkit for building web3 educational platforms

Build on a solid foundation and focus on what matters for your edtech platform.

KnowledgeLayer is an open protocol and developer toolkit for anyone to build edtech platforms on

Protocol architecture

The key components for educational platforms

Avoid building your backend from scratch. Reduce development costs and time, and go to market faster.

Course listing and NFT-based sales

Create courses and sell them through NFTs that give access to the content.

Escrow and dispute resolution

Securely handle payments between students and teachers, and solve possible disputes.

Verifiable credentials

Issue certificates and badges for the completion of courses to prove students' skills.

Reviews and reputation

Reviews for courses and teachers aggregated in a unified reputation across platforms.

Focus on what makes your platform stand out

Get started building in minutes

Want to get started fast? Fork our demo frontend codebase to get started building a platform integrating KnowledgeLayer in minutes.

Solve the chicken and egg problem, improve content discovery

KnowledgeLayer provides a shared pool of learners, teachers and educational content that any application can plug into. Network effects sharing helps marketplaces to bootstrap and focus on building user-friendly experiences.

Network of learners and teachers

Powered by web3, serving the world

Bring uncensorable content, efficient payments, user-owned credentials and reputation to your users thanks to the power of blockchain technology.

Network of learners and teachers

A network of people who want to expand and share their knowledge

Education is the key to unlocking human potential. KnowledgeLayer aims to create a network of individuals who are passionate about learning, teaching and growing together.

One profile, many platforms

With KnowledgeLayer, you have complete ownership of your profile, content and data. Forget about creating a new profile and starting from scratch every time you use a new platform.

For educators

With KnowledgeLayer, your content gets automatically distributed on all the platforms in the network. This means that you are able to reach a wider audience and monetize your content more effectively. Your reviews and reputation follow you everywhere.

For learners

With KnowledgeLayer, you can access any platform in the network with a single profile, to learn in multiple topic areas. All your achievements, credentials and learning activity are aggregated in a single place.

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